Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing is re-producing a foreign version of an existing document (brochure, catalogue, technical manual, user guide, etc.) by reusing the original artwork files (InDesign, Quark XPress, etc.) of the original source language document and replacing the text in pages and illustrations with its translation in a target language(s), with all technical and cultural adaptation necessary.

Lingo Global provides all typesetting solutions in almost all languages and all materials including marketing materials, technical manuals, business cards, books and more. We have highly specialized team in multilingual desktop publishing with extensive knowledge of multiple operating systems, utilities, CAT tools, publishing applications, and localization models.


Supported Graphics editing Tools:
     InDesign      Paint Shop Pro
     Illustrator      Pagemaker
     Photoshop      Corel Ventura
     FrameMaker      Acrobat
     QuickSilver      QuarkXPress
     AutoCAD      Microsoft Office Programs (2003 – 2010)
     Corel Draw      And others upon your order